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"I love the combinatoin of nature, adventure, exploring the world and extreme sports"


Leo Westerkamp, born in The Netherlands, comes from a sporty family and has explored several sports intensively and reached competing levels with most of them; tennis, gymnastics, athletics, mountain biking, surfing, sailing, snowboarding, skiing and paragliding.


The combining of nature, adventure, exploring the world, extreme sports, competing and flying all comes together in flying international Paragliding competitions and -expeditions.

The above ingredients of Paragliding in combination with visiting the many diverse countrysides around the world, resulted in a hunger for more. More flying experiences, collecting and documenting more impressions of the world.

This hunger resulted in the birth of the new company AmphibiaiR. With an amphibious flying machine, Leo will be travelling the world again, adventures will be part of the job, as well as exploring the restrictions and the possibilities of amphibious flying.

Leo used to practice his sports in mountainous surroundings, with this 2-seated amphibious flying machine he will fly mostly in coastal and lakeside environments and makes it his goal to share his enthousiasme for flying with anybody who wants to fly with him.

Always exploring the physical limits and the equipment in a great variety of environments.

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