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Amphibi air

Exploring, serving & protecting nature

The Core-Business, future Goals and Visions are combined in the Mission Statement of AmphibiaiR

Aiming to use the latest innovative aerial technologies “Electrification of Transportation, AmphibiaiR uses amphibious Micro Light Aircraft’s, to explore remote- and inaccessible areas.

Besides opening new worlds, AmphibiaiR provides a Platform for Photographers, Filmers & Documentarists, preferably in coastal- and lakeside environments.

With a very broad employability, AmphibiaiR has a bandwidth from supporting nature protection programs and environmentalists to extreme action sportsevents and everything in between.

Fun, pleasure, relaxation, excitement & entertainment are always part of the AmphibiaiR flying experience! 


Thank you kindly for your interest, your support and your sympathy for our goals!

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